We provide a one-stop service to fashion designers including prototyping, production, online sales, delivery, customer service, and social platform. Designers can simply upload designs with the necessary digital documents for production, and once adopted, they can profit from the sales revenue.

A) Upload

Designers would be expected to upload designs and the complete package of production drawings (e.g. structural drawing, fabric selection, and accessories, etc.)

B) Prototype

We prefer designers provide us with a prototype along with the design work. This helps us to ensure our production process is best able to meet all the design specifications. We will take designers' existing photographs and visuals of the product to publish them in our online store.

What if the designers don't have the capability of producing the prototype and visual? Don't worry. Our in-house experts will review the designs,and once adopted, produce the prototype and visual for the product.

C) Order/Pre-order

HiiHaru will publish the products online and accept orders directly from our customers worldwide. For certain products, we may use a pre-order format to increase sales orders.

D) Production

Based on the actual orders or pre-orders, we will manage the production of the final product through "production on demand". With our streamlined production capabilities, we can fulfill most orders in one to five days.

If the product fails to achieve a certain number of orders within a determined period, it will be automatically removed from online store.

E) Post sales

HiiHaru offers international shipping for most destinations around the world. Our super savings option will take seven to fifteen business days and expedited services can ship to most locations in two to five business days. Our experienced customer service representatives are available 24 x 7 to assist customers on any sales-related issues.

F) Customer feedback

HiiHaru will provide the most up-to-date product and sales analytical data to designers. With those actionable data points, designers can not only track their product activities, but will also be able to use the feedback to improve designs and increase sales.

In addition, HiiHaru offers a social media platform to encourage designers to engage with customers and peer designers in order to exchange ideas and receive feedback.

Production advantages:

- We work with clothing manufactures that have extensive background in branding OEM. They can satisfy mass production requirements with high and consistent quality.

- With a flexible production supply chain, our factories can satisfy prototyping, mass production,and personal tailoring production.

- Our factories are experienced in producing a variety of fashion products to meet diversified designs,clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories, etc.

Sales and Marketing advantages:

- The founding team is very experienced in the online retail fashion sector. They have collectively generated over 50 million US dollars in annual revenue through their previous online fashion store.

- As marketing experts, the founding team has experience generating millions of visitors per day in online stores before establishing HiiHaru.

- The founding team has extensive experience in running websites with a distributed network of contributing experts.

Platform advantages:

- HiiHaru is dedicated to enabling talented fashion designers to achieve their dreams. It is a home for fashion designers; you can easily find like-minded peers and followers at HiiHaru.

- Unlike most of the mass online e-commerce platforms that only focus on sales, at HiiHaru, the focus is on your individuality, your unique talent, and your fashion dreams,whether you generate one order or a million orders.

Designers and HiiHaru

At HiiHaru, designers are our most important resources. HiiHaru are dedicated to enabling talented fashion designers to deliver the most unique, high quality, and fashionable products to customers worldwide.

At HiiHaru, all the fashion products bear the designers' own brand. You keep the copyrights to all your designs. The finished products will carry your name on the label. But in the case of us prototyping and producing your design, HiiHaru will have the exclusive rights to distribute and reproduce the developed series for a pre-determined time frame.

Your dream is our dream.

Together let's change the game of the fashion business and enable every talented designer to pursuit their own passion. If you are a designer and interested in working with us, please contact us at service@hiiharu.com for inquiry.